Saturday, December 20, 2008

two new isometric engines added

View full post of isometric game engines here:

  • As3isolib is an open-source ActionScript 3.0 Isometric Library developed to assist in creating isometrically projected content (such as games and graphics) targeted for the Flash player platform. As3isolib includes utilities, primitives and views. As3isolib was developed with simplicity, speed and performance in mind so that developers can focus on actual implementations rather than having to learn a complex API. The as3isolib is loosly based on a scenegraph implementation.

  • Slick2D is a simple set of tools wrapped around the LWJGL OpenGL binding for Java. It's aims are as follows: * Provide a simple 2D API * Make transition from Java2D to OpenGL easier * Enable distribution via WebStart without the complexity * Provide the tools required for most simple games out of the box * Extensible framework for flexibility * Mix and Match - you use what you want, nothing is enforced. * Help with rendering, sound, input, collision and anything else we can think of.
  • Happy Holidays update - Happy Days in your Treehouse!

    A 'Happy Holidays Update' :) Stump Tree House from Kevin Mckinney was added. Also another McKinney (Frank, who is in Florida) has a magnicent tree house in a strangler fig. A few pics from the from Windy Days Blog show incredible treehouses, with some very cool interior shots. Also Gentilhommi√®re du Bois Adam near Nantes, France, hotel Tree house. This is via Una Mosca en la Luna Blog. Feel like nesting? How about this unique Nest Tree House concept from Gerald Moline. Looking for ideas for building tree house? Check the blog This old tree house. Whats a treehouse without a few drinkies? Down a few at the Tree House Bar in South Africa. Do you like your treehouses aged to perfection? - check out the worlds oldest recorded treehouse. Read about Linda Aldredge’s Treehouse - a lesson in sustainability. And finally, If you have chance, check out Pete Nelsons 'Tree House Workshop' in Oregon!

    Wednesday, December 3, 2008

    Google Says Shit!

    I got an alert from checking google address cache:

    click to enlarge:

    ip lookup:

    Friday, November 28, 2008

    Tree House Tent

    A new tent to hang from trees - not a bad idea!

    Dangling from a tree trunk like a surreal oversized pear, the Treetent is a cross between a treehouse and a tent. But Dutch sculptor Dre Wapenaar sees his creation as much more than just a novel bit of camping kit. It is, he says, a piece of art.

    Wapenaar is an artist with over 20 years professional experience, but the inspiration for creating tents stretches right back to his childhood.

    "I started building them when I was a kid. We had a competition in the neighborhood to build the coolest tent," Wapenaar told CNN.

    Read more here:
    Tree House Tent

    Friday, October 31, 2008

    The 'Yellow' Treehouse Restaurant in New Zealand

    New Zealanders love their treehouses. Here's a new one for the treehouse mix on this website; a treehouse that yellow pages new zealand is sponsoring. Its going to be a restaurant 10 metres up in a redwood tree. The site is heavy on flash content which doesn't make it easy for linking pics to site, but I took a screen capture of architects plan below. Click on image below.

    yellow treehouse

    Saturday, June 7, 2008

    Homemade Motorhomes, DIY RVs, and HouseTrucks!

    Six years ago, when I was visiting the south island of New Zealand - I travelled on a remote unsealed road in the Otago region. In the far off distance I saw strange site... it was house shifting to the east on the horizon behind the hills. I had to pinch myself, had I been driving too long? After a couple of minutes I was able to see clearly what it was - it was a house built into the back of a truck. It wasn't transported the house per say, it was the house. It was approaching me now on the road and I pulled over (with a look of amazement), as the truck passed, the young couple inside must have seen my look of bewilderment as they smiled and waved.

    So was my first experience seeing house trucks. I've seen a few more since then, unfortunately I don't have the photos - but there are couple of really great sites that do! You can convert nearly any type of vehicle to a highway home; trucks, tractors and those old yellow school buses. Interested in building one? Build your own House on wheels by clicking here, here, here or join the yahoo group here. Too bad I haven't seen any motorhome rental, even private ones for such 'works' of art.

    Click here for some photos from Stu's House Truck blog from New Zealand.

    Another great Homemade Motorhome is Author of this site has published a book with nearly 400 pictures of housetrucks. Again click on the links to read more about the photos to see the images!

    Here are some other interesting results found from Google image search on House Trucks:


    Papa had a rolling home...

    Convert your school bus to a living space!

    Saturday, May 24, 2008

    "Reality Blink" by the pool
    When I was very young, maybe 8 or 9 years old, I had a very strange experience. In fact, I only recently told my girlfriend recently about it. Its difficult to describe, becuase the experience was quite mundane - though its left an impression on me for some time. Here is what happened:

    I was watching my father use a long pole-net to collect leaves that had fallen in the pool. In less than an instant, before my eyes, he was on the otherside of the pool collecting leaves from the other side of the pool. He moved about 6 metres instantaneously. How in the hell did that happen, I remember saying to myself, thats physcially impossible! My dad couldn't have run that distance especially carrying the pole-net. I remember feeling a bit stunned, as if someone was playing with the fabric of time. Because it was such a mundane scene, I never told anyone (seeing someone shift 6 metres instantly by the pool is not an exciting topic).

    For some reason - I felt like that experience has happened to me more than once but this is the only one I can remember. Recently, I have been reading the book "Time Storms" by Jenny Randle. She has a section called "Reality Blinks" - which is described in the following way:

    Other witnessesses have likened it to shifting into a parallel earth where everthing is basically the same but small things have changed. If there are co-existent realities, each one different only slightly from others, what would experience if we moved 'sidways' from one track to another? Is it reasonable to surmise that the witness may perceive this shift in the form of reality blinks - just described here?

    Two friends first alerted me to the reality blink idea by reporting an event that happened to them on a visit to the Kyle of Lochalsh in Scotland. They were standing eating fish and chips next to a car park when one turned to the other, eyes gaping, and said, 'Did you see that?' Both had. An empty car right in front of them had suddenly moved a few yards sideways. Peter said: 'We sort of paused mid-chip and shrugged. But whilst we both saw it, cars do not of course move sideways [it wa not on a slope]. So it wa a case of "Oh!" and on to the next chip.'

    I am curious if anyone else has had similar experiences to these aforementioned "Reality Blinks"?

    Friday, May 23, 2008

    Patrick Dougherty - Land Artist

    From Patrick Doughterty's website

    "Dougherty's works allude to nests, cocoons, hives, and lairs built by animals, as well as the manmade forms of huts, haystacks, and baskets, created by
    interweaving branches and twigs together. Many of his works look 'found' rather than made, as if they were created by the natural force of a tornado sweeping across the landscape. He intentionally tries for this effortless effect, as if his creations just fell or grew up naturally in their settings."

    Some of his artwork:

    Chris Drury - Land Art Camera Obscura

    Chris Drury is one of my favourite Eco Artists. He has built installations around the world working with aperature to create camera obscura architecture - basically his outdoor installations create an inverted image of the natural world outside and projected inside his installation.

    Here are some pics:
    Cloud Chamber for the Trees and Sky

    here is the outside image of the trees reflected inside his installation

    Wave Chamber:
    Click on image to follow links of how "Wave Chamber" was designed

    visit Chris Drury's site

    The Eco-art of Nils-Udo

    Nils Udo is a bavarian eco-artists. A quote from Nils Udo:

    “Sketching with flowers. Painting with clouds. Writing with water. Tracing the May wind, the path of a falling leaf. Working for a thunderstorm. Awaiting a glacier. Bending the wind. Directing water and light. The May-green call of the cuckoo and the invisible trace of its flight. Space. The cry of an animal. The bitter taste of daphne. Burying the pond and the dragon-fly. Setting fire to the fog and the perfume of the yellow barberry. Marrying sounds, colors and smells. The green grass. Counting a forest and a meadow.

    Clearly it is only in her very last refuges that nature is still intact, inexhaustible; it is only there that enchantment is still reality. On any day of the year, in every season, in any light, in any weather; in the Largest and Smallest.

    These days however, people are not interested in this. Nature is no longer an issue, except to a few Greens, who mostly can no longer tell a lime tree from a beech tree. Of course, there are many who pretend to love nature. Like the ones who claim to want peace. The fact is, they lost nature long ago. They don't see it any more, let alone hear it, smell it, taste it or touch it. When they do in fact take a look, they still don't see: they lost the prerequisites long ago for a larger, expansive and transitory overall view.

    Make natural space into Art-space? Where is the limit on the narrow line between nature and art? Art? Life! What counts is the utopian character, the life- and art-blending character of my actions. My response to the events that mark my existence. My life. Are there art-lovers interested in my life?

    A picture. A leaf, laden with flowers, drifting down a brook. Life.”

    And of course, some of his work:

    Here is some addition info on Nils-Udo

    Mikael Hansen - the Organic Highway

    Mikael Hansen is a Danish artist that does "earth art". Check my favourite work, an outdoor installation called "Organic Highway" below. From Mikael's Absolute Arts profile:

    Since my participation in the first earth-art project in Denmark in 1983 I have been fascinated by this mode of artistic expression (landart). Parallel to this I am working with sculpture, objects, indoor installations, painting and mixed media

    Strange and demented art of Odd Nerdrum [graphic content]

    I recently did an image search on google (I can't remember the search string) and found some interesting and twisted work of the Norwegian painter "Odd Nerdum"

    Nerdrum is renowned for his emulation of old-master techniques and textures: there are in his paintings many echoes of Rembrandt and Caravaggio, in particular. Beyond that, his devotion to the depiction of flesh brings the work of Lucian Freud to mind; whereas certain of his pictures have, to my eye, unexpected likenesses to canvases by Dalí, or Ferdinand Hodler.

    A great many of Nerdrum’s paintings of the ’80s and ’90s share a common setting: a bleak, post-apocalyptic locale where crudely-clothed or naked figures adopt contorted poses, or perform acts of violence, or enact bizarre rituals: like hallucinated variations on themes suggested by the Mad Max movies.
    Detail from 'Liberation' by Odd Nerdrum, 1974.

    Nerdrum’s staunch use of traditional techniques, and of figurative subjects, has drawn its share of criticism and derision. Part of his response has been to claim that he is not an artist, but rather a ‘kitsch painter’, further claiming that ‘the kitsch painter is committed to the eternal: love, death and the sunrise’ and ‘because modernism has conquered art, kitsch is the saviour of talent and devotion.’

    Visit some Odd Nerdrums sites here, and here.

    Incidentally, the image above reminds of the giant plush rabbit in the Alps (complete with spilled guts)

    Treehouse Internship? Sounds like fun!

    Here's a quick link to an article about a guy who did a treehouse internship:

    "I had a six-month internship over the summer," he said. "I did drafting, design drawing and some deck and platform construction."

    During the internship, Yorke helped build five treehouses in the Seattle area. The company's clientele, he said, consists of two types of people: "bohemians," who want a "pared-down structure," or the wealthy, who have extra money to spend on something fun.

    Some images:

    Friday, May 9, 2008

    Future Travel with the Air Jelly?

    Here is a 'flying machine' that can be described as a 'flying jelly fish'. It is made by the company Festo

    Though I am not sure it could be used for personal travel, perhaps it does have uses for repairing things at high altitude.

    Outsource your Social News with cheap overseas labour!

    Digg, Delicious and Reddit are all fun 'news buzz sites' in which that users rank there stories. I for one love to check out Popurls which conglomerates them all together. Usually the stories are quite fascinating, interesting and revelent. The sites that are linked to the stories often get a great deal of traffic boost. This makes them a prime target for spam and strong handed search engine optimisation tactics.

    Another interesting example of this is to look how freelancer sites such as getfreelancer do this:

    need experienced people who can get my blog to DIGG first page and to freeze it there for some time. bid only when you use different IPs, different ACTIVE digg accounts that digg something else too and do not look too fresh. contact us with your price, number of digg votes and time frame needed for this task. will pay via GAF escrow. link

    Project will go to cheapest bid for 50 to 75 natural looking diggs on our article. Budget $35 for 70 diggs in 2 to 3 days

    Sir I would like to bid on it. I can do 45 diggs within your stipulated time. i am having 32 own accounts.

    You crawl through googles record of getafreelancer and see alot interesting 'shenanigans' indeed!

    Thursday, April 24, 2008

    Alternate Dwellings: Yurps and Tipis

    This will be my only new post of the month - sorry if its a bit short but I hope you find it interesting. I like the idea of alternative living spaces - so here are a couple of to think about Yurts and Tipis - These are both manufacturers of modern dwellings based on traditional principles, an when compared to a modern home - quite affordable and better for the environment :). Have a look:

    The Pacific Yurt is a modern adaptation of the ancient shelter used by Central Asian nomads for centuries. The compact shape of the yurt and combination of lightweight members in tension and compression mean that the structure is highly efficient in maximizing strength while minimizing the use of materials.

    The Pacific Yurt is a lightweight, low-cost, state-of-the-art version that retains the sense of wholeness of the ancient form while delivering the structural integrity, longevity and low maintenance demanded by modern users.

    Though generally classified as a tent, the yurt is much stronger and weathertight. The Pacific Yurt is a circular structure that consists of a durable fabric cover, tension band and a wood frame that includes a lattice wall, radial rafters, central compression ring and a framed door


    Since our tipis (teepees, tepees) are as authentic as possible in our contemporary world, they bring to the 21st century a "living artifact". They make it possible to experience what a nomadic culture experienced hundreds of years ago. Our tipis (teepees, tepees) are authentic Sioux style to which we have added reinforcing and design variations that are the results of our own tipi living experiences in snow, below zero temperatures, coastal rain forests and hurricane force winds.

    Our teepee making is self-styled and integrates our love of the wilderness with rural life and the demands of teepee making. Our workshop is hidden in the quiet seclusion of the forest at the base of the Three Sisters Wilderness Area and our tipis are sewn by local residents in their own homes. We made all leather tipis for Kevin Costner's movie "Dances With Wolves" and Tom Cruise's "The Last Samurai".

    Sunday, March 30, 2008

    Port-A-Bach - a uniquely kiwi home

    In New Zealand - a bungalow is commonly referred to as a 'bach'. The are usually scrapped together with materials in often an ingenius fashion. The Atelier Workshop has put together a unique spin on the NZ bach, you can see there designs at

    Essentially the Bach is created from a shipping container! See pics below:

    Starting from this:

    You can get this:

    Update of Isometric Engines: GemRB, IKA, and Haaf Game Engines

    I've added some more isometric/2d game engines to my Isometric Games Engine list list, below are 3 engines new to the list, but these have been around for awhile. Check them out:

  • GEMRB Game Engine GemRB (Game engine made with preRendered Background) is a portable open-source implementation of Bioware's Infinity Engine which was written to support pseudo-3D role playing games based on the Dungeons & Dragons ruleset. It should run on GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows, OS X and possibly other UNIX derivatives. It is licensed under the GPL.

  • Haaf Game Engine HGE is an easy to use yet powerful hardware accelerated 2D game engine. It is a full featured middleware for all who want to develop commercial quality 2D games rapidly and easily. It covers all imaginable 2D game genres: you could create everything from a simple puzzle to advanced multilayered platformer or strategy without even thinking of any non game logic code! And you don't have to know anything about "window messages", DirectX programming and all that stuff. Instead you can start developing your own game within 15 minutes!

  • ika Game Engine ika (all lowercase) is a generic gaming engine geared (only slightly) towards making console style RPGs. It's already been proven quite able to make puzzle/platform/what-have-you as well. You can read more about the feature list of ika here
  • Blimp travel: Lets hope this whale doesn't fall out the sky...

    I've come across a great new blimp concept - the whale blimp, you can read the original source here or click in the image below to my post on blimp travel

    whale blimp

    Toilet Humour Limerick

    This was noticed in the men's stall of my office:

    toiletal humour

    Thursday, March 20, 2008

    lsometric Game Engine Update: FFilmation Engine

    I found a new isometric game, the FFilmation Game Engine to add to my isometric game engines list:

    The FFilmation Engine is a free AS3 isometric programing engine, focused mainly on game development. Its name is a tribute to the filmation engine used in some of the greatest games in the 8bit era.

    The aim of the project is providing a robust development platform, where game designers can work on the game’s details and forget about the render engine. It is intended to be really usable from a “real production scenario” with limited resources. Resources are money and time, but also the enthusiasm of indie developers or single individuals doing stuff “for fun” in their bedrooms. Projects, specially the “for fun” ones, have more chances of completion if the production process is gratifying to some degree.


    Tree house update again!

    I've bookmarked some new treehouses and put them in my blog. Click on image below my running post for Treehouses of the World

    Saturday, March 8, 2008 - great photo sharing site - and invitation request

    I'll be back posting in a week or soo, but in the meantime I thought I would share a great photo sharing site (unfortunately/fortunately its by invitation only). Its geared mainly towards arty type stuff - but there are some great finds here if you have a chance. Here are some samples of the unusual you can find on

    If you belong to ffffound! and wouldn't mind sharing an invitation, let me know :)