Thursday, July 2, 2009

PHP - printing arrays to your screen with print_r

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print_r() is a handy function to print items in array to your screen. Its a great way to test and make sure your arrays have all the information they need. However its display can get quite messy if you have mulit-dimensional arrays. For example:

php print_r

The output would look like this:

php print_r

It shows all the information, however its bit difficult to see what is going on in there, all the arrays are lumped together. A better way of displaying the data would be to add some old school HTML tags such as the pre tags:

php print_rNow the out put looks like this:

php print_r

This is alot easier to read as it stacks the arrays nicely. Finally you just chuck it into a handy function. I use this function to test data, check for errors and much more:

php print_r

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