Sunday, January 31, 2010

Beautiful Treehouse Book - Traumhafte Baumhäuser

When I was in Vienna, I splurged on this book. It contain beautiful treehouse by the architects from La Cabane Perchee ( The book is German, but the architects are based in France. Expensive book, and couple of the houses are not proper treehouses (don't know how they got in) but well worth it if you have some extra dosh laying around. The book has really beautiful photos and towards the end it has beautiful draft drawings with rough dimensions of each treehouse. One of the remarkable things that this company designs are the spiral stair cases that wrap around the tree.

You can find it on For other treehouses, see this post.

A Treehugging Treehouse

Here's a another interesting treehouse, one that hugs a tree! This was found via Here's a brief blurb:
What I really love is the simplicity, the way it fastens together with the ratchet straps; just crank them tight and they hold the thing together and onto the tree. The dutch bracket on the front is the only thing that doesn't fit this pattern, but of course they had to have it.
For more information please visit treehugger. For more great treehouses, click here.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wien Baumhaus (Vienna Treehouse)

I was in Hietzing, a suburb of Vienna Austria. I came across this treehouse. You can find on Neukraeftengasse. This is the dead of winter, so during summer I would image that this treehouse is almost completely hidden by leaves.

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