Monday, July 26, 2010

Aves 2d Game Engine

Here's another update to the list of Isometric Game engines list. This one looks quite interesting as its web based - using HTML and Javascript. Check the Aves Engine by Dextrose:
The Aves Engine is a professional game engine to build any type of web based 2D or 2.5D game by only using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, giving game studios the power to deliver stunning games for all kinds of genres on multiple platforms. It’s in a way similiar to Game Engines on PC or Console systems but utilizes many important patterns you need to consider when working in the web environment.

see more on my list of isometric games engines.


  1. So the game engine requires a browser HTML 5? Because I see a javascript game engine that may or may not take advantage of certain features of HTML5. If it works in most browsers regardless of their status so that HTML5 is not a game engine HTML5.

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  2. Many old school great computer games, including some with highly detail graphics have used isometric perspective. They particular liked the Graphics.

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