Saturday, August 28, 2010

Giving up your US citizenship

Seems to be alot of talk these days about US Citizens giving up there passports to find greener pastures elsewhere in the world. A friend passed me this audio clip which provides some excellent information on terminating US citizenship:
  • Difference between renouncing and reliquishing
  • Cost of giving up your US passport (overview)
  • Can you still travel to US if you relinquish USA citizenship?
  • Can you get citizenship/residency back if you give up US citizenship.

Skilled Technical Migrants: Canada says no to IT Skills; other countries say give us your geeks...

I was just curious to check what state of IT immigration was amongst some English speaking nations of the world. To my surprise, Canada does not want any more IT Skilled labour (as of 26 June, 2010). This is the first time I've seen IT skills not in demand by a predominately English speaking country (French being the other national language of Canada).

Here is a quick assessment of English speaking countries and need for IT Labour:
Of course there are heaps more English speaking countries in the world; I've only picked 4 of the larger nation (or popular) nations. Its hard to make an assessment based on that whether IT is dwindling, but I was certainly surprised to see one country (Canada) where IT is no longer a driving force to push skilled labour in their market