Friday, September 24, 2010

Canvas 2D game engine -

Canvas is bringing some unique opportunities to the isometric gaming world. Here's a new 2d game engine I've add to my isometric game engine list:
The Flax Engine (henceforth called Flax) is to be a 2D game engine for the web, using features introduced in HTML5, specifically the canvas and audio tags. Flax will be developed in Java using GWT 2.0 to cross compile the code into robust JavaScript code which will run across all mordern browsers and is intended to be a native framework for developing 2D browser-based games. Adobe Flash is used to program the vast majority of browser-based games (with Java applets coming distant second), though Flash is not supported on many mobile devices (specifically, any running Apple’s iOS) and is also rather heavy on hardware requirements. Also with the upcoming release of an operating system which completely depends on the Internet for its applications and data storage (Chromium OS) we are very excited about being able to develop games for these type of mobile devices.


  1. Lino Engine is a 2D game engine using the web provides the use of the HTML5, in particular tissue and tags. Lino developing Java with GWT 2.0 code to translate a large excess of JavaScript code that works with all browsers mordern and is designed to develop a framework for native browser-based 2D games.

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  2. Linen developed using the cross compile the Java code, JavaScript code robust, which is valid for all mordern browsers, and is supposed to be native to develop a framework for 2D browser-based games.

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  3. I have used this feature to develop browser base 2D game, using complier code and check designing framework.

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