Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Last Post For Zegarkus.

My first post here was 6 years ago on 3 November 2007 and I will conclude my final post today on 12 Nov 2013 (or if you are numerically inclined 11-12-13 if you use American style dating). I simply haven't had the motivation to continue blogging here.

This was my first real attempt at blogging. It has been relatively anonymous; I felt comfortable putting my thoughts without explaining myself to a wider social network.Looking back, I have noticed myself change over the years:  I feel like I've matured and become a better person.

Though hasn't been that productive (only 117 posts here), here are some of the more 'popular' ones (based on a paltry some of pageviews):
My personal favourite post here has been a critique of the Falling Man photo from Sept 11 Tragedy: http://www.zegarkus.com/2009/07/911-falling-man-another-look.html, perhaps the most original thing that I have written to date.

So what will happen to this site? I don't know if I agree with everything I wrote in the past, but I'll keep this blog as snapshot of who I was at certain point in time.I will continue to renew the domain; I'd hate for domain squatters to get it. There simply won't any new posts here. Should I continue blogging again, I will do so on a new site. For those who have left comments or simply took the time to read anything I wrote; I sincerely thank you tolerating my little personal experiment on the internet.

-- Zegarkus.


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